Tem 11 2009

Removing Entity in Designer leaves references in XML - missing delete functionality in ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer

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         When I deleted table(entity) on the designer(edmx), I have found that all the reference about entity ,I have deleted, in XML file remain. And also we cannot add same entity to the designer without doing workaround below,


         We have to delete all the references by hand. Only by this workaround(I cannot say it is a solution), we will be able to add same entity to the designer again.

Then I thought that the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer is still in its infancy. it is really big missing feature so I hope Microsoft will repair this big issue in a Hotfix at the earliest.

And I have found some discussions on internet and one of them is :


But I could not see any tangible solution.

See you again..


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